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Sign up now for the 2016 Evansville Scavenger Hunt – Nov. 5-13, 2016. You’ll have 9 DAYS OF FUN: We’ll give you the clues that you need to find AWESOME local gems. Claim your rewards along the trail and return your BINGO-Style TOUCH Card at the after party. We’ve got some amazing prizes to give away!

Entry is only $20! Includes your custom event t-shirt, TOUCH Card and after party awards event entry.

You’ll be asked to provide you name and address when you check out. We use PayPal for secure shopping, but you don’t have to have a PayPal account to check out. 

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Happy Hunting! #HuntEVV

1. If you’ve got a card, you’ve got this covered.

2. Watch where you’re going – don’t get lost in construction

3. East, North or West, visit the location that suits you best

4. Daisies, Cornflowers and Queen Anne’s Lace

5. Bead Store – Wisdom Centre – Nexus of Tranquility

6. You don’t have to rob Peter to buy these clothes

7. I Can Set That Up

8. Central location for unique party fun

9. Your local stop for global goods – engaging the local community to impact the nations

10. Westside aromatherapy resource

11. We’ll let you on a secret – you can find your dream ride on the north side

12. This eatery shares it’s name with the former psychic network frontwoman

13. Grab a sweet treat near UE

14. Corporate gift baskets are their specialty

15. Eastside go-to for aromatherapy needs and more!

16. The breeze blows off the water on this under cover avenue

17. Embrace refined life

18. Body art to assorted piercings right along the Lloyd

19. Asian Crested Ibis, Black Paradise Flycatcher, Forest Owlet

20. Visit us for suds on Main

21. Deep dish, Chicago style or pizza by the ______

22. Grocerant: (n) A combination boutique grocery and restaurant

23. Cards and gifts – Gold Crowne’s Best

24. A sweet slice of life on Evansville’s walkway

Center: With banker’s hours we’re harder to find; usually you race to us but today you climb


#1. You touched this point when we kicked off the game

#2. Downtown glitter is getting harder to find – this is one rare jewel

#3. “Your world. Delivered – Rethink possible – Mobilizing Your World”

#4. Between Vann and Boeke, this shoppe can outfit you completely

#5. Get a heavenly deal on products for your mind, body and spirit

#6. One of Beatles could’ve opened this store

#7. Floral and more at this store on Evansville’s East Side

#8. Nick Nack Paddy Whack

#9. We knew South Green River was home to such diverse artistry

#10. Massage therapy, custom blended teas and more at this Franklin Street nook


#12. Grab something sweet while you walk Newburgh’s river front

#13. Jeanne makes the best

#14. Don’t be a head kase go to the basket place

#15. Want to go glueten-free? They’ve got you covered

#16. Gorgeous gallery on the way from Eville to Nwbgh

#17. Goods for home and life in the heart of Newburgh

#18. This west side shop has more ink than the Fox TV show

#19. Unique gifts, local artists and photography too on Evansville’s east side

#20. Cheeky gifts and more across from Evansville’s Art Council

#21. Anyway you slice it, this pizza is a UE tradition

#22. Bell Oaks best – take and bake, breakfast and deli

#23. Down the road from Washington Square get your ornaments there

#24. Don’t let the construction keep you away; pick up your favorite cake cake today

#Center. Susan G does more than you know